10 Must Watch Movies this weekend (not in any specific order)

1) Godfather 1 & 2 (No.1 movie on IMDB)
2) The Usual Suspects (Kevin Spacey for cyg)
3) Cube
4) The Shawshank Redemption (Amazing movie all time no.2 on IMDB)
5) Traffic (About drugs traffic)
6) Saw (Low budget last minute thriller)
7) The Italian Job (old and New..both are good but i like old more)
8) Kung Fu huslte(funny shit)
9) Gung Ho (when americans learn from Japanese..nice business movie)
10) Gods must be crazy 1 & 2 (and u thought africa is urban..lol.cyghost..)

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The Relic by Darko (Germany)

Plot: A relic from South America is transported to a museum in Chicago. This object represents an evil god of one of the tribes. Abruptly the killing starts in the museum and at first nobody knows "who" the murderer is. On the following day there is a great party because a new exhibition - showing off this relic - started. Hell breaks loose and now facing this threat, the main characters quickly get more information on what it is. But they are in great danger...

The movie is quite realistic, not full of fantasy, which is a good thing to notice when we are talking about monster films. It gives explainations for its "crazy" theories. The characters and the dialogs are nice and deep and there are some, only some, pretty turning points in the story.

Effects: 7 Music: 6 Atmosphere: 8 Philosophy: 5 Characters/Dialogs: 7 Deepness: 7 Credibility: 5


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Do you have it in you?

I am currently looking for some serious movie reviewers (authors) for this site. I would ideally look at a person who has atleast 2 of the following qualities:

Avid movie fan
Watch on average 4 movies per month
Attending first day first show is his/her passion
been a movie reviewer earlier
haven’t got much experience but I can handle it. I have the time and passion for it.

So if you think you fit in? do drop me a line or two at

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Contributed By Darko

The film follows several British soldiers before, while and after they were in Bosnia during the early Bosnian War 1992. It shows the horrific war crimes done by Bosnian Serbs, but way more disturbing is the failure of the first UN "force" sent there, the UNPROFOR. It was the soldiers job to take the most seriously wounded people from the battliefields, for example. What they should not be part of, however, were ethnic affairs. This leads to some terrific situations you will never forget. They just could not do anything. The only thing they had to fight were their thoughts and feelings, so the title is quite ironic.

Ingredients: (out of 10)
The movie is disturbingly realistic, the scenes nothing for youngsters. The cast is well selected and shows every (very strong) feeling as you would expect it. You will never say "no war!" as loud again.

Effects: - not rated -
Music: 7
Atmosphere: 9
Philosophy: 9
Characters/Dialogs: 10
Deepness: 10
Credibility: 10

Overall- 8.5

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Contributed by Darko (Germany)

After a third hot world war mankind learns that all this pain is created by feelings. In order to prevent themselves from a fourth, they ban emotions from their lifes employing a substance called Prozium and a government enforcing the ban. John Preston (Christian Bale) is one of the finest law enforcers, he is a grammaton cleric whose faith it is to destroy the underground of people who resist the law. However, he is in no way far from feelings...

Ingredients: (out of 10)
This movie is not well known, but that doesn't do it justice. Saying it is a simple sci-fi actionthriller doesn't do it justice either. I had to watch this film two times to understand all connections because even in the beginning there are some feelings in the air and story connections to later sections. The characters are deep from the beginning, the dialogs are nicely made pieces of art. The action, however, is the cool thing you will notice first. It really can't be explained, you just have to see the fighting scenes for yourself. The story is well made, full of stunning points and the atmosphere is almost breathtaking. Definitely breathtaking is the lovely music. Want to read something stunning? The movie's production costs were "just" 20 million dollars. And you never notice it.

Effects: 10
Music: 8
Atmosphere: 9
Philosophy: 7
Characters/Dialogs: 7
Deepness: 8
Credibility: 5

Overall- 7.5

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Apocalypse Now (1979)

Contributed by Yablko (Slovakia)

Directed by: Francis Ford Coppola
Marlon Brando - Colonel Walter E. Kurtz
Martin Sheen - Captain Benjamin L. Willard
Laurence Fishburne - Tyrone 'Clean' Miller
Harrison Ford - Colonel Lucas

Captain Willard (Sheen) earns a great reputation as soldier in Vietnam and hes sent on a dangerous mission - he must travel through a jungle, through enemy territory to find Colonel Kurz and eliminate him who deserted and began to live with the natural inhabitants. On his(willards) way he finds out more things about the Colonel and gets into strange situations....

Short Review:
This is the movie with the BEST camera EVER! You wont find a better one. Its little bit psychological it isnt just a bunch of ppl who shoot themselves through the jungle to kill some old prick. The plot inst very important here, its the pictures, the sound, the music, everythings, its just great, you gotta see it !

Originally it was made as an "independent film" - no Warner Bros. or something ... won many awards & nominations

9+ / 10

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I am starting with a new series, where some of my friends are contributing to this blog. First one is Yablko-My old time gaming buddy and a fellow [InX] clan member. If you are interested in contributing to this blog, please drop a comment with your email address/messenger Id. Thanks.

ALI (2001):

Contributed by Yablko (Slovakia)

Directed by: Michael Mann
Will Smith - Cassius Clay/Cassius X/Muhammad Ali
Jamie Foxx - Drew 'Bundini' Brown
Jon Voight - Howard Cosell
Mario Van Peebles - Malcolm X

Just the life of the biggest boxer who ever lived - Muhammad Ali. Cassius Clay (Ali didnt like this name his parrents gave him, becouse Clay was the name of a man who held Alis grandparrents....and so on... in slavery...) was a boxer, not very famous one until he managed to win the world title. After that he turned to islam and took the name Muhammed Ali ! But then, the fu*king americans started the war with Vietnam and that was the reason Ali lost everything. Coz he SAID what he thought, as he always did, not what he "schould say". He REFUSED to go to Vietnam and kill innocents, just becouse someone toled him to. He said that not the Vietcong or no one other is his enemy, but the US government. Wow, that man had personality ! He was judged(dunno if this is the right word) for 5 years in prison and he must stop professional box, that he LOVED more then everything else. From that point on, the movie showed Ali fight his own war against everyone till he become what we know he was - the worlds greatest boxer !

Short review:
as i have read somewhere, this movie is not famous and it did not make loads of money. That is probably becouse it is NOT a normal Hollywood movie. Ali is not a superhero, he is not perfect (like for example Rocky) he is a normal man, with "errors" and everything. That is the most important thing in the film i think! The music is really good 2 and the last fight, was just awsome !! I dont care that on imdb the movie got only 6,4/10 and was considered boring, coz those ignorants are probably US americans, who were unable to find a national hero in the film. The film is just great, and Will Smith played Ali PREFECTLY !!!! I knew he was a great actor, but this time...man...he was AWSOME !! If you wanna see a great non-action movie this is a must see !


(cant believe he didnt get an Oscar for that...ignorants...)

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United 93

This movie is one of the “Positive” movie about the 9/11 crisis and attempts to tell the story of the flight United 93 which went down in an empty field just outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania, about 150 miles (240 km) northwest of Washington, D.C. It was the only one of the four planes that did not reach its intended target, which was supposedly White House. Lets me in short explain you that there are many different theories behind United 93 flight which I would definitely discuss, however I would first look at the MOVIE. The movie’s screenplay is designed by from whatever information provided by the US Army, Government and it was the only one of the four planes that did not reach its intended target. If you want to hear the other part of the story which questions all this, you gotta watch “Loose Change 2”, which is the next review in this series.


It’s quite obvious when you are going to watch this movie; you would be excited about it, since its one of the most heart stopping incident and definitely going to make you nervous. The movie explains everything from planning till the end of the flight in a “illustrative” way. One of the few movies today can create a story based on real events perfectly; this one does it at its best. The movie starts with terrorist planning the whole plot and in background the day begins. The day that changed America forever. The movie slowly begins to show how the day progresses with a swift background of terrorist plot and other travelers. About 20 minutes in the movie, you get too anxious to see whats gonna happen next but it just keeps on going slow without any real action. However about 30-40 minutes in the movie, the story reaches a different level. The conversation between ATC (Air traffic controller) and different airplanes is worth watching & hearing. Please please please don’t miss dialogues coz they are important clues/key events in the movie. What happens in the end…who wins who looses? Well everyone know that the plane crashes *Known Spoiler*, however how and what happens in the end which causes the crash. You must go to theatre to watch it.

In my opinion, the movie belongs to Pro-bush category of movies. The glossy side of the 9/11 stories. There are many contradictions to the united 93 crash. Some people say united 93 was not flying that day. Some say the evidence gives by US army wasn’t sufficient to justify a crash. There was another major contradiction that US army shot down the plane mid-air when it was heading for possible white house collision.

Well If you want to have more crisp action on how United 93 was a hoax by US army. You need to watch “Loose Change2”, which is the next review on this blog. Hopefully J


4 Stars ****

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After 9/11, the world has changed in some way or the other. We felt it somewhere around us may it be recession or Iraq/Afghanistan war or Bush hatred jokes and many a things not suitable to talk here…lol. It affected us during the last 3-4 years and that too effectively. As most of us thought, there are gonna be movie(s) out on this topic in no time but that didn’t happen till like this year. United93 was one of the first commercial film on this topic as a front end “Positive” commercial movie. Now when I say “Positive” commercial movie, all I meant was it didn’t explain the “Negative” side of the 9/11 which some movies did about a couple of years back some of the noted ones are “Fareinheit 9/11” and “Loose Change 1& 2”. These movies are born to tell the world the REAL truth/conspiracy behind 9/11. I wonder how many believe such movies but there are definitely some people who are influenced by them. I am one of those influence creatures. Anyways I will be covering “Loose Change 2” and “United 93” under this special review.

First one to go would be United 93………

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Now some great old movies but unseen by many. All the following reviews are short-reviews. I will be posting 2 reviews each post. Do check out which flick to watch next weekend.

1) Saw

With a dead body laying between them, two men (Whannell and Elwes) wake up in the secure lair of a serial killer who's been nicknamed "Jigsaw" by the police because of his unusual calling card.

My Review:
Its a great movie in all departments except for some shabby acting in some scenes, neverthless i cant expect great acting from a low budget actors. One of the striking difference of this movie is 60% of the movie is concentrated in one SINGLE room..more like CUBE, atleast the cube moves,but the room stays there haunting you with the suspense.

I wont disclose what happens in the movie..but to give u an idea..two guys wake up in a dark room tied down by a strong metal rope..and the horror starts from there..

The best part is...............well..watch it i am not going to disclose..if it doesnt make u MAD at the end..come at hit me on my ass..the END is the best..


My Overall Rating:

Plot: 10/10
Acting: 7/10
Camera: 8/10

Note: SAW 3 is relasing soon, however before running to the theatres, i strongly advice you grab SAW dvd, coz it a continuation of a storyline if not the plot.
2) Cube

7 complete strangers of widely varying personality characteristics are involuntarily placed in an endless kafkaesque maze containing deadly traps.

My Review:
Awesome movie which should never have a sequel although they made 2 sequels out of it lol..this movie just doesnt have any base to start off as a story..but it surely is one of the most out of the box experiments i have seen in film making.

Interesting Facts:
This movie was produced by a film divison and was very low budget. It was only intended to be run in film festivals..but got so much of attention and good reviews in festivals..Its finally hit the cinemas..

My Rating:
A must watch