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The film follows several British soldiers before, while and after they were in Bosnia during the early Bosnian War 1992. It shows the horrific war crimes done by Bosnian Serbs, but way more disturbing is the failure of the first UN "force" sent there, the UNPROFOR. It was the soldiers job to take the most seriously wounded people from the battliefields, for example. What they should not be part of, however, were ethnic affairs. This leads to some terrific situations you will never forget. They just could not do anything. The only thing they had to fight were their thoughts and feelings, so the title is quite ironic.

Ingredients: (out of 10)
The movie is disturbingly realistic, the scenes nothing for youngsters. The cast is well selected and shows every (very strong) feeling as you would expect it. You will never say "no war!" as loud again.

Effects: - not rated -
Music: 7
Atmosphere: 9
Philosophy: 9
Characters/Dialogs: 10
Deepness: 10
Credibility: 10

Overall- 8.5

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous @ 3:29 AM

     no comments, cos aven't watch b4... though probably wouldn't watch this :P

  2. Blogger vasu @ 9:54 AM

     good movie

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